Thursday, July 26, 2012

New Hair Bow Holders

My girls have an abundance of hairbows due to the fact that I cannot stop making them for them:) I am obsessed with hair accessories and making them! So, I wanted cute hairbow holders that will hold a lot of bows AND headbands. I Google Imaged them (something else I am obsessed with doing) and found some really cute ones! I really LOVE the ballerina bow holders! They are insanely cute! Like this one I found  here. 
This would be adorable to have in a cute bedroom but I wanted my kids to be able to make it.

I made this one for a customer in my shop

I do love to hand paint things and give it that personalization. I was really tempted to do this for my girls with thier favorite colors and thier name on it....still, it would be cute on the wall but wouldn't be fun for them to help with.

Here is something else I considered. This is one of my favorites! She gives great instruction on how to make one! Here they are.

After giving it a lot of thought I decided that my girls would have more fun creating something they could be proud of. So, we went through some canvas and settled on the simple canvas bow holders. They had a blast! I think this was one of the best projects we have ever done together!

My girls loved choosing thier paint color and painting thier own canvas. Don't mind the mess on the porch. We always have multiple projects going on. lol
I think they made good choices for thier canvas color:)
Next they got to choose thier ribbon from my scrap ribbon. That was fun!

Here is a small tutorial for how to make these cute simple bow holders.
1. Paint your canvas (or let your little one do it.)
2. Choose your ribbon. I like to use different width ribbon. The bigger bows stay on the 7/8" and 1 1/2" ribbon better than they would the smaller width. I like to put the clippies and small bows on the 5/8" and the 3/8" ribbon. Also, when you are laying out your ribbon and deciding where to glue it, keep in mind the type of bows your child usually wears. If you don't space the ribbon far enough apart you will not be able to use all of the ribbon and you will lose some space on your bow holder. Here is an example of that:

Notice that lavendar 3/8" ribbon in there? I'm sure when we move some bows around we can eventually use it.

3. Cut your ribbon pieces long enough to where you can tuck them in to the wood frame just a little on the back of the canvas. This make it tighter, it lays flat against the wall because the glue is on the inside of the canvas frame and not right on the back.

4. Glue all of your ribbons spaced out.

My little girl chose all of these herself. I should have put the 3/8" ribbon closer to the edge of the canvas.
This holder does not just hold bows. We needed something to hold the headbands as well. So, this is what we did. Cut a longer piece of ribbon to loop to hold the headbands. Here is an example of what it will look like.

I left the space (like you see on the pink plaid) so I could put clippies there too. That ugly space will be covered with clippies.

Here's how to make the loops. Glue the end of the ribbon right between the frame and the canvas as shown below.

Then glue down the frame and press the ribbon down as flat as possible so the frame will sit against the wall flat.

Your ribbon will hang down as shown in the photo below.

Now loop your ribbon up and glue it and you're finished  :)
Very simple, cute, colorful and your little one will have fun making it and be very proud of her creation when she is finished. Tip: Obviously you wouldn't want your little one to use a hot glue gun. Pick up a cool temp glue gun for these type of projects. I will be doing that this weekend. Happy Crafting!

Here is our finished result. They have a lot more bows than this. They will be on there today.

I am planning on picking up some wooden letters for thier initial to go above thier bow holder. I will paint those to match thier room:)

I LOVE LOVE that we can store thier head bands! I made my loop kind of big so they will hold more than one head band.


  1. Wow you are crafty :D gonna try the same for my girlie's, hope it turns out not to bad as I haven't been crafty since I was a teen lol

  2. Awesome idea made when they are teens they can make more and sale them. Emma Sack