Thursday, December 22, 2011

An Adorable Owl Pillow

I have a 4 year old that loves Owls. She calls them "Hootie Owls". I found a GREAT tutorial on Make It and Love It for the cutest Owl Pillow! This is a great project and can be done with many different fabrics. I chose fleece, cotton, corduroy and chenille for my Owl pillow.  The tutorial is so easy to follow! I've had more fun making things for my girls for Christmas this year than ever! Here is my end result.

 I added a pocket to the back of my Owl. My little girl will be so happy to get her pillow on Christmas morning.
 Here is the link to the Tutorial.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Two Cute Little Christmas Dresses

The crafting continues {at a faster pace now} until Christmas! I only have 3 more days left to complete all of my projects. I am making each of my 3 girls a cute little Christmas Dress. I have 2 finished.
This one is a knot dress for my little Mackenzie made with Michael Miller fabric.
The other one Grinch fabric by Robert Kaufman. See the "Merry Grinchmas"? How cute is that! This one is for my little Kaylee.

I still have one more to make for my oldest daughter, Paige.I love these sewing patterns and use them a lot! The knot dress pattern came from Little Lizard King. I don't follow the instructions exactly the way they explain but the measurements are nice. The peasant dress pattern is "The Charlotte Dress" pattern by Mama Stellato. Both pattern makers are on Etsy. I, of course, changed them. That's what I do. Find something I love and add my own little twist to"make it my own".

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Doll Diaper Bag

I found a great tutorial for the cutest doll diaper bag on Twelve Crafts till Christmas! The tutorial was so easy to follow and has a lot of great photos showing step by step instructions. I had so much fun creating this adorable little diaper bag for my 4 year old. The size of this bag is perfect! It doesn't have to be a diaper bag. You can also make a pretend play mail carrier bag (that is my next project) or it could even be a ladies purse. No one would even know! Here is the link to the tutorial. This is my end result!
                                              I added a patch on the front instead of a pocket.
Here is the back. I added a double pocket on the back. I just sewed a line right down the center separating the pockets into two.I also added a pocket on the inside.
This was/is a great project and a very special gift for any child! I will be making more of these! Now I just have to make some cute little diapers to go with it!  Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Doll Sized Rag Quilt {made with scraps & lots of love}

 I've always wanted to make a rag quilt. I found a video ( on YouTube a while back that has perfect instructions! I decided to make a doll sized rag quilt to start since I am on a doll accessory making kick anyway. This will be a Christmas gift for one of my 4 year olds. I just pulled some flannel scraps from my shelf and went work. I LOVE how it turned out!
My doll sized quilt is 18"x18". I cut 18 squares 7"x7". You will need two squares per block. This was so easy to make and so much fun! I used flannel but you can also use cotton. After Christmas I'm going to make 3 twin sized rag quilts. I will use batting for those. Here is a great tutorial that explains how to use batting in your rag quilt. 
Here is a close up of the quilt.
This cost me nothing but a little time and some fabric scraps. My daughter will love it. What are you making for your little ones for Christmas?

Monday, December 5, 2011

A handmade Christmas gift {work in progress}

I have a whole list of things I am making my little girls for Christmas! There are so many new ideas that pop into my head every day. It's hard to keep up with them. My girls are 6, 4 and 4. They have great imaginations and love anything pretend play. I want to give them a wonderful Christmas but instill the real reason for Christmas. So, instead of buying over priced cheaply made toys, I'm making them! First on the list is a Puppet Theater/Bakery Sweet Shoppe. We used things we already had. A shelf I built and never finished last year, a wooden box window valance my Husband made when our oldest was just a baby,  a 2x4 cut into two pieces and a chalk board we already had. This is a work in progress but it will be so cute when it's finished! We still have to add a dowel rod and I have to make a curtain. Of course it will need to be sanded and painted. Here is a work in progress photo. When my kids go to sleep tonight I will sneak it in the house and paint it. More photos to come so stay tuned! Are you making something special for your little ones for Christmas?