Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Doll Diaper Bag

I found a great tutorial for the cutest doll diaper bag on Twelve Crafts till Christmas! The tutorial was so easy to follow and has a lot of great photos showing step by step instructions. I had so much fun creating this adorable little diaper bag for my 4 year old. The size of this bag is perfect! It doesn't have to be a diaper bag. You can also make a pretend play mail carrier bag (that is my next project) or it could even be a ladies purse. No one would even know! Here is the link to the tutorial. This is my end result!
                                              I added a patch on the front instead of a pocket.
Here is the back. I added a double pocket on the back. I just sewed a line right down the center separating the pockets into two.I also added a pocket on the inside.
This was/is a great project and a very special gift for any child! I will be making more of these! Now I just have to make some cute little diapers to go with it!  Happy Crafting!

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