Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A new wardrobe for my little {big} girl

My little {big} girl is going to public school this year :( It's bittersweet. I'm excited for her but I will miss homeschooling her. After 3 years of her not having a real birthday party with actual friends there because we don't really know anyone here she came to me asking to go to public school. If we lived in a big city that answer probably would have been a firm NO but we live in a small town and the schools here are not bad. Now, for those of you that think homeschooling makes a child socially awkward. We do not NOT know anyone here because we homeschooled. We moved 6 hours away from everything we knew so my husband could be closer to his parents and get a better job. My child is not in the least bit socially awkward. She is quite opposite actually. I am always having to tell all 3 of my girls to stop telling people we don't know our whole life story. lol

I am happy that I get to make her an adorable wardrobe! I have a million little outfits in my mind! From Peasants to apron knots to twirl dresses....It's all there! She has informed me that she wants a new outfit for the first 2 weeks of school! She is her mothers daughter and a little clothes horse! I suppose that is my fault. None of my 3 girls will wear anything from a clothing store. They all want one of a kind outfits that no one else has. My husband says that I am heading into trouble because they will eventually become teenagers. Some say they will grow out of it and want clothes from the Mall when they are older. If they are anything like my Mother they will have me working at all hours of the day to create them that one of a kind outfit. My Grandmother was an amazing Tailor! Not just a seamstress, she could make anything fit like a glove on anyone.

I have been searching high and low for the right kind of inpiration for this wardrobe. I love many pattern makers. Mama Stellato, Little Lizard King, Tye Die Diva. One that really has me in awe is Create Kids Couture. Mostly because of their choices in fabric combinations! I have one pattern by them. I will eventually have many more. What are some of your favorites? Free patterns are my favorite of course! Who doesn't love something that's Free right? Speaking of Free. I was trying to think of what to do with all of the scrap fabric I had. My daughter asked for a "patchy dress". So, I made a bodice, we sewed all of the square (after cutting them of course) together and this is what we got! Isn't it cute?

What ideas do you have? I would love to hear {read} about them! If you have a crafty blog, ready a crafty blog or know of any great patterns please post them:)

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