Monday, January 7, 2013

Getting there {one thing at a time}

I am on my path to having a clean and organized HOME. We have changed rooms so much things are just in complete chaos and nothing has it's own place. I am ready to let go of some things and live a more simple {but creative} lifestyle. I have heard the phrase "a cluttered house, a cluttered mind". I have BOTH. So I decided to make a list of problem area's in my house and practical solutions to those problem area's. I first started with my computer cabinet. This was the worst clutter we had in the house. Clutter on the shelf, in the drawers on the table top and even on top the cabinet. I got a big box and went to town on it! Everything went in that box that did not belong in there! I FILLED  that big box! I will go through it later. Here is my before picture of my cluttered chaos. Don't judge.
 I don't know how or why this ended up like this but I am so happy that mess is gone!
I just put everything that didn't belong in a big box that I will go through later tonight. I set the things that I could use to the side. I wiped it down and organized everything. I re purposed the basket and a letter box I used to keep on my other desk {that desk is not a mess because it never gets used}.

Here is my after! It needs repainted but I love the organization. It only holds things that I use. I can actually work in this now.

 This is so much better! The white box on the top shelf holds my CD ROMS, printer paper, shipping labels, a big binder I used for homeschooling last year but plan to repurpose it into a House hold binder.

I have 2 daily planners. One for our home and family and one for my business. Then there is my letterbox that holds envelopes, note cards and post it notes. My clipboard has on of the printables I will soon be offering in my Etsy shop. This one is for Problem Area's and solutions. I love it! It makes the process so much easier for me. Yes, I plan to make a plan. I PLAN to repaint the inside of this cabinet white.
 I love this Vintage inspired letter box I got from Marshalls. They have really cute organizing things. I plan to go back very soon!

 The door bulletin holds a little hanging folder for my notes. If I need to write something down real quick I stick it in here so I won't lose it. There are many other items that match these. This is Martha Stewart. I bought it at Staples. That's another place I plan to visit again soon.

I moved the bill  file folders from the basket to the drawer and used the basket for another purpose.
The basket holds work books, flash cards a paper for when my little ones play school.
This drawer just holds a phone book and other office supplies.
I love this white board on the door of my cabinet.
And it's nice being able to close those doors :) It's an office in a cabinet and I love it! I am going to repaint it aqua and bronze glaze it. Our living room needs some color! That's another thing in my house that is finally organized. Now to move on to the girls closet!

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